Friday, April 29, 2011

Summer Wishlist

Remember this post?:

Well I posted some cute little bags, but I didn't know who designed them! Well, I found herrrrrrrr:

Anya Hindmarch can be found right here at Net-a-Porter and has even more cute bags!

I really want that middle one!

I already have a perfectly good beach bag though so I will probably not be sporting this. Sad face. 

But anyway, I do need some of these other things:

Firstly, I need a Mother's Brunch dress for my Debutante event. All the Deb functions start in May and the first is the Mother's Brunch. I think I've decided on a polo dress:
(I believe this is Vineyard Vines)

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a cute one in a good price range. I am going to the giant outlet mall before the event and Matt volunteered to go with me (its an hour away) so I didn't have to drive alone, but I might let him off the hook to go with my good friend Lauren. Matt is definitely a great man shopper, very patient, but he doesn't get some fashions. For instance, he thought this looked like something women would wear after they slept at their boyfriend's for the night, which I thought was hilarious. (Hi Matt, if you're reading this :) )

I also want a tunic to use as a swimsuit cover-up:

 (This one is Vineyard Vines)

Again, I can not find an inexpensive, cute tunic either. I want a cheapy one, since I will be tossing it over a swimsuit and it will probably be ruined after that. I might have to resort to hitting up Forever 21 (even though I really don't like that store), but I feel like they never have cute fun colors. I will not be sporting black over the summer (unless its a swimsuit). 

I also want to invest in a nice watch. I never wear watches, but I feel like if I had a nice one that actually fit, I'd wear it a bunch. 

(These are both Ann Klein)

I found these two that I like a lot. The first is very reasonable and very inexpensive so I will probably end up with something very similar. The second, however, is a bit more modern and trendy, but also about $100, which is a bit pricey for a test watch. It has a similar cheaper alternative, but it has a brown face and I love this one so much because it looks like something old time and nautical. 

I might also be getting my first piece of nice jewelry! My dad told me he would get me a little reward if I made a good GPA freshman year. Well, I'm thinking of asking for a David Yurman bracelet. I'm just debating if its classic enough to wear my whole life and everyone I asked has resounded with a unanimous YES! I'm looking at the children's one (what child owns jewelry like that?) because I like the thinner look and I'm thinking of getting the pearl ended one:

So we'll see how that one turns out!

There are also a few other little things like a new phone case and a new swimsuit, but those are my main hunts this summer!

Is everyone looking forward to their summer??


  1. I love those bags!!! You should look at Target for some cute tunics, I have seen a few there!

  2. Love those bags!! Yurman's are very classic-i've received several as gifts for special occassions-all the children's size because I have tiny wrists!

  3. I am a new follower and there are too many things I love about this post! First off, Anya Hindmarch bags are great, I've been wanting one myself for the beach! And since you're doing deb, I have to say that I have been presented two different times and they were both the absolute best nights of my life. I have two David Yurman bracelets, the pearl one and then one with a gold clasp and I love both of them, I feel like they are classic and never go out of style.