Wednesday, March 9, 2011


No, not mine! Cincinnati Prep is hosting a give-away for something everyone could use!
A coozie!!!
If you win, you get a choice of a 


in your choice of pattern. So go enter and get a chance to win!

Here is the actual post so you can head over and find out how to win!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My charm bracelet

I think every woman should have a charm bracelet. I got mine when I was 9 years old. I added charms to it regularly, but stopped getting them for a few years. Well, I am officially starting to collect again!
Sorry for the bad picture, it was taken by my trusty iPhone that I hate tolerate. I have (going from top to bottom)
1. Angel- my high school mascot was an angel
2. Heart- honestly don't remember where this came from
3. Theatre mask- I used to do theatre
4. C enclosed in a heart- my name
5. Flip flop- represents our family's vacation spot, the beach
6. Piano- no idea where this came from because I don't play piano
7. Dolphin- also the beach

When I got my charm bracelet, I imagined charms that meant a lot to me. However, the charms soon became about what other people thought meant to me (sadly, one of the downsides to charm bracelets). So I desperately want a charm bracelet upgrade. I want to take off the ones that don't mean a lot like the heart, theatre mask (since I don't do plays anymore), the piano and the dolphin and perhaps pass them onto my cousins who would appreciate them more. My ultimate upgrade would include:
A hurricane palm, peel and eat shirt and a honey bee. The hurricane palm would be for Hurricane Katrina, the shrimp for the Gulf Coast and the honey bee because my grandfather used to raise bees. Other cute options would be a tiger, (go Mizzou!), an anchor (I just love them) and an hourglass. My grandmother has an hourglass (with real sand!) on her charm bracelet that she's had forever and I think it would be cute to have one too. I also have a magnolia, to represent Mississippi where I was born, that I can't wait to put on.

Do y'all have charm bracelets? If so what's your favorite charm? What does it mean to you?

The hurricane palm and peel and eat shrimp are from an adorable site called DixiePatches. They have lots of cute different charms.

By the way, make sure to check out Caroline and my new blog ClaireandCare on Wednesday to see what we're loving (I love whoever came up with that!)!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Camillia mean its almost spring right?

How lovely are these? My grandma just emailed them to me. They are my grandpa's (lovingly called Pops by the grandkids) camillia. I love that she sent them to me. My grandpa passed away a few years ago and I always felt very special to that set of grandparents (I was their first grandbaby) so these camillia are very special to me too. My tattoo (only tattoo I will ever get and it is very tiny!) is my grandfather's birthday.  I even set this picture as my phone background because I love the picture so much!
And they really make me want to buy flower print for spring!
I saw these shirts at Aerie and went to the website immediately to find more. I'm obsessed with floral and especially flowy shirts like this. They look great with cardigans for spring and with shorts for the summer!
Some other great finds were: 

Much better than boring Nike Tempo shorts, right? (However, they look a little short, but still cute!)
And one can never have too many floral dresses!

I will, from now on, be on the hunt for more floral print items! I simply can't get enough!

P.S. My high school and now college friend, Caroline, and I started a joint blog!
We only have a few posts so far, but head over and tell me what you think!