Friday, January 28, 2011

New Lilly :)

Spring clothing lines are out! Good news: lots of fun new window (and maybe some real) shopping to do. Bad news: Now I want spring even more and winter isn't particularly close to being over. I picked out my favorites from whats up on the Lilly site and, of course, mostly dresses. If there's any time to wear dresses every day, its summer. Like this one:

I love the almost housewife-y feel of this dress. It looks like something Samantha from Bewitched would wear. I love her style.
Another favorite was this navy number:

I'm a sucker for anything navy though and I love the bold print on this.

I love the new Murfee! More flowers! I love flower print on everything! I wish I had more of it.

I saw this adorable tie and thought it would look so cute on the BF for the Debutante Ball, but he's not a big pink wearer. I don't think if I could convince him.

Perhaps the blue though...:

A Sailor's Life for Me!

I really love everything Nautical looking for spring! Having grown up by the water and having a whole sailing family has of course instilled a love of all things 'sailor' in me. I found these great totes from Sea Bags that recycle old sails! The one I love the most is has an anchor (of course) on it. 
Unfortunately, they are just a wee bit out of the budget so I'm looking for a more affordable version. I really love the rope handles and canvas feel so thats what I'm looking for! It'd be perfect for a beach/pool tote and would look so cute with a pale pink swimsuit or coverup.

Another thing I have always loved are sailor bracelets! I used to have a ton, but I only have one left and its all gross and dingy. It smells pretty bad too from the salt water/sweat/chlorine combination that is summer. I was planning on buying a new one in a gift shop like I always do until I found some Lilly Pulitzer versions at Preppy Princess!

 I'm obsessed with the navy/pink one. I think it would go with everything and wouldn't get dirty so fast. It will definitely hopefully be one of the first things I buy for summer.

I also love this stationery. I'm always looking for new stationery and this one is perfect for the summer. However, I usually stick to my classic monogrammed stationery from Pink Paper because I have a fall birthday.

And how adorable is this leash for a little pup? Thank god Thor doesn't know how girly I make him look because I would love to get this for him. He would be so happy :)

Here's a picture of the pup. He's a little model.

And of course, the classic boat shoe! I love my Sperry's and its safe to say its one of my all time favorite brands. My feet stopped growing about two/three years ago so I usually splurge on shoes that I know will last a long time. I definitely want some more Sperry's though!
I already have a houndstooth/shearling lined pair, similar to this:
and I just got my rain boots in the mail:

I am absolutely obsessed with them and they are so warm/comfy! I spent all day jumping in the snow just because I finally can!

However, I want to get a new pair this spring, but I can't decide between this adorable navy pair:
I love them, but I'm worried it'd be bad to start getting 'different' pairs before I have a classic one. It would be like a cardigan before the shirt! But I'm in love with these shoes. Decisions decisions...

I also took the 'What shoe is your style' quiz on the Sperry fanpage on Facebook (I know I'm a nerd) and I got the metallic shoe:
After I got this I started looking at them and I really like the style (I guess their marketing worked)! However, again, there's the argument of getting the fun stuff before the basics. I feel like this would be my third choice and the real contest is between the navy and classic pair, but these are definitely shoes I would want in the future. 

And fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally,
the classic Sperry style. Although, if I got this pair I would try to find some with cute plaid on the accent.    I guess I'll just have to leave it up to fate!

Keep Calm and...

I love love love the Keep Calm and Carry On posters, but what I love even more is when the 'carry on' is replaced with something! I think they're so fun and I love finding them. 
These are some of my favorites

My favorites are the Harry Potter ones! I want to find one for my apartment next year (the roomie and I love Harry), but have been so far unsuccessful. 

and of course, my favorite:

All images are from and google

Sunday, January 23, 2011


A few weeks ago I ordered some sweaters off eBay with the help of my friend Lauren. Not just any sweaters, but Lilly sweaters! I got three Lilly sweaters for under $50! Needless to say, I was proud of myself. Well they came in yesterday and I've been dreaming up outfits for them all day. 
Like this one:

and this one:

I also ordered a pair of snow boots! I've lived in St. Louis for five years and am just now getting my first pair of snow boots. Its very sad. I'm so excited for them to get here! Its like Christmas all over again!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Marley Lilly Give Away!

Marley Lilly is holding a give away! 
One winner will get a monogrammed ring!
I found this give away on College Prep's blog so go there to find out more!

To enter:
Like Marley Lilly on facebook
For and additional 3 entries reblog (thats what I'm doing!)

Must enter by January 27 at 11:59pm and the winner will be announced the 28th, but in the meantime go to Marley Lilly and check out all the cute stuff they have!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today it snowed! Here at Mizzou we got seven inches and my 8 AM got cancelled. It was such a nice surprise. What a wonderful way to start off the new semester and not to mention tomorrow is Friday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

I read the books when I was younger but only during my recent battle with mono, while  I was bed-ridden, did I get into the show. One of my favorite things is Spencer's clothing! Its so cute and preppy. She loves lace and bows and pearls!

I really love the watch she wears in one of the episodes. Its a simple square face with leather straps. I want one so bad!

Also, check out my friend Lauren's twitter! It's full of her cute, preppy little ramblings.

Wish List

Is it bad I already have a wish list this soon after Christmas? Oh well, new semester and new beginnings always make me want fresh things. I have been really wanting these Sperry rain/snow boots:
but seeing as Christmas just passed and the snow is almost gone it looks like my Uggs are going to have to suffer just a little longer. Maybe I'll get them on sale for next season.

I also want a cute lace dress a la American Apparel (minus the see through):
and a birdcage necklace! I see them everywhere and I think they're so cute. As much as I love my owl jewelry the birdcages are a little more refined. Plus I'm tired of being mistake for a sorority girl on campus (lots of little Chi O's love to hoot at me haha). 

And lastly a cute little basket for my Schwinn! I have a little old fashioned one so I figure an old fashioned basket will look good with it. I may have to wait until Spring so I can actually fill it with flowers.


Yes I am dorky enough that I call if crafternoon. My roommate frequently have afternoons where we just do projects we've been meaning to get done. My next one (after my vineyard vines imitation bag of course) is shoe clips! Curious as to what shoe clips are? Well first you take cut hair clips, or make them yourself, such as:
or these:

and glue them to alligator clips if they don't already come on a nice little barrette. After that clip them to a  pair or cute flats and you magically have a brand new pair of embellished flats for under $10! I thought my idea was so ingenious until my grandma sent me a couple of pairs from the 70s! I have a few pairs of cute little bows for my flats!

P.S. Lord Voldemort has a twitter? For a really evil guy he's pretty funny.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Is it strange that I'm wishing for an apron right now? The roommate and I had a baking adventure the other day. We made cupcakes (pictures to come later) and if I do say so myself, they came out quite gourmet. But all the baking made me want an apron so I went to etsy and found the cutest artist's aprons right here. I really loved the ones with cupcakes and the black and white pattern with adorable blue details.

Maybe I'll buy myself one someday!

Christmas Presents!

I thought I'd post a few of my favorite Christmas presents just for fun! Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of any of the ones I gave people. I gave a lot of notebooks like to my mom, dad's gf and her daughter and my brother got some Mizzou pants (fingers crossed he goes there!). The boyfriend got a shirt and basketball thing for his dorm room. I was at a loss for shopping for him!

Although he shopped perfectly and got me this:
I absolutely love it! Its a little ornament, but I chose to hang it on my bulletin board. It was too cute to sit in a box eleven months out of the year! 

My dad's gf, Christine got me this cute little Starbucks to-go cup:
One of my favorite places to study at school is the Memorial Union, which has a Starbucks in it, so I practically live off them during test weeks! It came with a gift card inside too. It was so sweet.

One of my aunt's got me a cute monogrammed makeup bag. I added the bow on top though!:
I love it! And of course, its pink!

And my absolute favorite present came from my dad who got me a computer protector to save my lappy from any further scratches! I'm very protective of it.:
I added a pink bow to the charger so it would match. That's my pup, Thor, snoozing in the background. He got a new Mizzou collar for Doggy Christmas.

Just recently I found this picture of this adorable Vineyard Vines tote while perusing some other blogs. I decided I needed a new school tote and since Christmas just passed I might try to make one of my own! I found the blue bag and some pink ribbon. The only thing that will be missing is the vineyard vines logo, but I'm thinking of replacing it with my monogram! I have plans with a Word document, an exacto knife and some pink spray paint. Wish me luck! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Blog!

I've been following blogs for a while now and I finally decided to start my own! We'll see how well this turns out. It being the new year, I thought it would be a perfect time to start this new project. I eventually want to make my blog a little prettier with a header thats a little better than the default one the site gives, but thats all in due time! That concludes my first (very short) blog post. More to come soon!