Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pinterest in Real Life!

So I thought I would finally share some pictures of my room my sophomore year of college! This year I'm living with three of my friends in an off campus apartment. Its definitely a big change from the dorm and there are some definite pros and cons. 

Here are some pictures of my bathroom. Notice the shower curtain I made a while back and posted!

Then I have a hallway down to my room where I have a long wall of pictures frames (still in progress) and a vanity where I put my perfume and make up brushes.

And this is my actual room and bed/desk area!

So this brings me to the whole reason of my post! I thought I would share some things one of my roommates and I have actually crafted that we got off Pinterest to see real life adaptations!

First off is the same picture from above:

with my monogram canvases!

They were based off this picture:

(which I have posted before)

It was a very easy, but time consuming, project!

I also made this:

which can be seen in the above picture, by my bed, that was based on this picture:

Mine didn't turn out as well. I recommend using a single colored lampshade like in the picture. 

Now below are some things my roommate, a fellow Pinterest junkie, made using inspiration from Pinterest!

This is a cake tray my roommate made using two different sized plates and a candle stick holder, based on this picture:

(I think her's turned out cuter) She said it was super easy!

This is a jewelry board she made using an old picture frame and corkboard!

From this picture:

Well thats all for now, but I will hopefully be sharing more crafts and pictures of the apartment soon!

Happy blogging :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another craft!

Andddd where did I get this craft you ask? 

Pinterest, but of course!

I decided to start on this little project:

And I got pretty darn close, if I don't say so myself. 

So first I went and got myself some canvases. Is there anything more exciting and nervous than a blank canvas? (even if you're not drawing something and just doing lines) I used two 11x14 canvases and a bigger one that I don't remember the size because it was an old one I had lying around. 

So I mixed a green paint with some white and a tiny bit of yellow to give me my background for the last name letter. 

I also freehanded the background and did it as close to the picture as I could. 

(kind of hard to see because I drew the lines super soft)

Then I freehanded the last initial.

Perfect....if my last name started with an S!
Guess I followed the picture too closely. 

A V. That's better.

Started filling it in!
Now plan on devoting a good two hours to this part alone if you do something like this. The other two canvases took maybe an hour and this was definitely the detailed. 

For the other two I just drew the letter (mucho important, especially if you're using a lighter color for the letter) and then used tape to create some lines. 

Awesome sauce. 

Ripped the tape off and started to paint!

Easy peasy! 

I'm not sure where I'll put them. Apartment vs. my room hmmm? I have another canvas for hanging too that I haven't show cased on here, but I will soon! Opinions on where to hang this and another canvas with a quote on it??

And, one step closer to finishing my room! I'll show it off soon!

Happy blogging :)


Sunday, July 24, 2011

My newest project!

I just wanted to show everyone my most recent projects/crafts and a new one I've just added (as if I need any more). 

My first (small) project is this little picture frame. It was a muted pink that I bought for a few bucks at TJ Maxx back when I had a pink thing going on in my room. Well now it just looked out of place so I  decided to spray paint. Which is really pretty much all I did. 

I wanted it to match this frame.

Which it did perfectly. I want to transfer the pictures to black and white and put them back in the frames. However, the frame looked a bit too....polished. So I decided to distress it a little bit. I just took a sanding block and did the edges a bit. 


Now I have another (more interesting) project I worked on. Last night, (again at 2 AM) I decided to go on a whim and do a craft I had seen in a pin. 

Take a cheapie dollar store lamp shade and personalize it!

Step 1. Draw a monogram (or make one on the computer) and Exact-o Knife it out. I freehanded mine from a pad of paper I had. 

Helpful hint: Leave all the little pieces on and cut them out one at a time.

Then tape them on individually. It should look like this before and this:


Another helpful hint:

Take down small edges and corner's down to make a more exact stencil. 

Step 2. Pick your paint color. I used the color from my room to make the stencil. It worked out really well because I didn't have to do a second coat. 

Time to start!

Its kind of hard to see, but it goes pretty well with the walls! It has a few mistakes, but I'm pretty pleased with it!

And lastly, I have my, by far, the biggest project of my summer!

This little beauty! I picked him up on the side of the road by my house. Someone was about to throw him away when he just needed some TLC! I don't anticipate it being a huge project. It needs a bit of sanding, maybe some nails to sturdy him up! I've been pinning some pictures of dressers for inspiration!

I decided to paint the inside of the drawers for sure!

And after looking through what felt like a billion pictures I finally decided on stripes!

How amazing do these look???

I can't wait. 

I decided I'm going to paint the whole thing white and add some gray strips on the drawers. I might add a gray damask pattern on the top. 

Oh but those knobs must be replaced. 

Oh the choices....

Happy blogging :)