Friday, April 8, 2011

Purse Organizing

Its now secret that I love organization. Love as in underlined, capitalized, bolded, everything! Nerd secret, sometimes I reorganize my room or school supplies just for fun! If things aren't organized I can't find anything and I get all flustered and impossible to be with! Well, anyway, one of my must have organized things is my purse! The way I keep everything neat and tidy is by keeping everything in little bags. I got the idea for doing that from a friend (shout out to Blake!) way back when in my freshman year of high school. Right now I have:
1. Electronics bag holding: iPod, camera, extra flash drive and any cords I may need in my purse or other things I don't want sloshing around my purse. I use a Very Bradley zip clutch. 
2. Chapstick case: This is just a small coin purse (I like the Vera Bradley ID wallets) that I stash my many chapsticks in.
3. My 'I Wish I Had A' Kit: I got this idea from College Prep I think and its just anything you don't normally need, but might. I have stuff like a compact, Hydrocortisone, hair ties and clips, band aids, Advil, a sewing kit, glue, hand lotion, a variety of pen colors and other things I do not remember. This bag is the worst for the wear because it was a hand me down and has holes!
4. My wallet, of course. 
All my little bags are getting a bit old though! And with all the cute bags out right now I want to update a few of the worse for the wear ones. 
I love this Francesca Joy wristlet! It'd be perfect for an 'I wish I had a' kit! I keep so much stuff in it the bag needs to be a bit bigger and this would be perfect to double for a clutch if I'm going out to dinner with friends or summer nights when I don't want to carry a huge purse. I only have one wristlet for those kinds of things and its silver, so I only use it for formal things. I just love the pink anchor though and it looks so unique!
These Vineyard Vines totes are also top contenders! I love the seersucker and the festive little pineapples. The seersucker would be a perfect electronic case and the pink one would make a perfect pencil case if it was lined! I definitely need a new pencil case for school because my old one's lining inside is getting torn up!

I love these little totes too! I forgot where I found them so if anyone knows where I can get them please let me know! I know they're a bit hard to see, but the first has pills on it (another perfect 'I wish I had a' kit) and the second says gadgets. 

And lastly, I thought this one, by everyone's favorite, Lilly, deserved an honorable mention. 

Now, unfortunately I would never get this clutch because it is part of Lilly's sorority collection (its Kappa Kappa Gamma) and I would feel a bit weird owning something that is for an association I don't belong to. However, I love the owls (I have an obsession) and keys have always had a special meaning to me. If  Lilly hadn't oh so cleverly hidden the ΚΚΓ all over the bag I would get this in a heartbeat. 

Unfortunately, cute was these bags are, I will definitely most likely not be shelling out $30-$50 for something that will probably just get dirty on the inside of my purse so I thought I'd include some cute cheaper finds for the ladies on a budget (i.e. me!). 

Now, I have a big thing against Forever 21, but this bag is cute and I thought worth mentioning.

Target also has a lot of cute bags!

I might have to invest in the Francesca Joy wristlet though. At $30, that is not too bad for a wristlet I hope to use a lot! However, the anchor is painted on so I'm worried it will tear up more easily. Decisions decisions...

Only 6 more weeks of school! Time to get serious!

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