Friday, April 22, 2011

Lots to post about today!

I feel like my posts are so jam packed sometimes because I don't have time to post over the weekdays so I make one mega-post! Oh well, I like mega-posts too!

First off, Preppy Lane gave me this sweet award:

which is my first award so I'm very excited! I'm supposed to share 7 fun facts and then pass the award on!

1. I ran my first 5k a few weeks ago and I got my medal in the mail today! I will have to post a picture of it soon!

2. I have been to 14 different schools in my life.

3. I was on Speech Team (I qualified for State!) and Drama Club and very involved in theatre in high school and I was convinced I would do something with theatre. However, my life has taken a completely different direction from there and now I'm a Business Management student. 

4. I went to Tap Day today! Tap Day is a Mizzou tradition where the members of the six secret honor societies on campus are revealed. My boyfriend's older sister was getting inducted so everyone went to watch her. Its actually a bit creepy because they all wear hoods to keep their identities secret until they're revealed. It was an awesome thing to watch and I want to do it one day!

5. I lived in New Orleans for seven years and even though I don't remember too much of it, I love the culture and going back there for visits. 

6. Mizzou was not my first choice, I caught between it and LSU, but at the last minute decided LSU was too far away and now I'm completely confident Mizzou is the place for me. Funny how things like that work out. Tiger either way, right?

7. I am "5'2" with dark hair and skin and have a "6'6" fair skinned brother with bright red hair. I always think comparing us is funny. 
Us as wee little children: 

All grown up!

Oh did I mention he's 16?

And I give this award to:
And some of my lovely followers:
Miss Ashley In Mississippi (reppin State! My grandfather went there and my father for a spell!)
This last one here is actually my roommate's blog. She hasn't posted anything yet (got to keep on that school work!), but come summer time, head over and check out her cupcakes!

Next, I wanted to share my experience with GameDay Girls with everyone! My cousin Taylor's graduation is coming up so naturally I went on the hunt to find the perfect present for one of my favorite cousins! I compiled a huge list full of things like coozies, a mini umbrella, a monogrammed ring/necklace, towels, a throw, the list when on and on. I finally decided on:
1. A magnet board with her room's colors (pink, green and zebra). Pink board, green magnets and letter T and a zebra ribbon
2. Pink picture frame with green zebra ribbon and a Lilly button in the center with a T on it. 

3. A monogrammed makeup bag
4. Some wall letters with her initials painted of course, pink, green and zebra. I will posts pictures this weekend when I finish all the crafts!

But, relating back to the GameDay Girls, my favorite thing I got her were some earrings themed to her school. She is going to Belmont University in Nashville, TN so I ordered her these:

Now I did not have high hopes for these earrings because I literally said, "Put BU on them and we'll see how it turns out" and they are adorable! I also, a little selfishly haha, ordered myself a pair:

Well on to what a great experience I had with GDG (GameDay Girls is too long to type out every time). I emailed the GDGs to see if there was nickel in the posts because I am allergic. Unfortunately there is a very low percentage so they offered me a) a refund, b) to find me posts without nickel, all on their own time!!! Or c) send me the earrings and if I had a problem I could send them back for a refund! How great of customer service is that Most companies would refund your money and not care, but the GDGs truly wanted to make sure I was satisfied with my order! I was so pleased. My earrings should be arriving any day now and I am so excited! The pictures above are proofs that are sent to the customers to make sure the earrings look right before they ship them! I can't wait to debut these babies at Homecoming! 

Well thats all I have to say for tonight so take care everyone! Until next blog post :)


  1. Thanks for the award!!

    I was thinking of ordering a pair of UCF studs from GDGs. At least I know now they have a great customer service!

  2. Hi Claire! Thank you for writing about your experience with us :) We have featured it on our webpage under "Press". If you would like it removed, just let us know.

    Also, we wanted to check in and see how the earrings were treating you? Was the nickle bothersome? We have recently switched all of our materials over to sterling silver and are always on the lookout for hypo-allergenic earring posts for the ladies with sensitive ears. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Much Love,
    Shannon and Kaitlin
    The Gameday Girls