Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

I've had three exams this week so when they ended and finally had a moment with my thoughts, they were extremely random. Firstly, I started thinking about how much I used to love taking polaroid pictures. My first camera was the Barbie one below! I loved it and it was probably my second favorite present next to my Easy Bake Oven! I don't care if people say they're chauvinistic, I loved mine. 

Which made me a little nostalgic for my favorite 'kid' drinks:
and my favorite current drink:
and therefore, tea:
which reminded me that my friend Lauren and I want to try and make macaroons this summer! I've never had them, but she says they're delicious and fortunately she is quite talented at French cooking. I'm counting on her to make up for my lack of expertise ;).

Don't these look yummy? Baking challenges, here I come!

P.S. Keep a look out, my school and blogger friend are starting a joint blog and we might be doing a post on favorite desserts!

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  1. I love those first few pictures, they definitely take me back to my childhood! Hope your weekend was wonderful!