Monday, January 17, 2011

Wish List

Is it bad I already have a wish list this soon after Christmas? Oh well, new semester and new beginnings always make me want fresh things. I have been really wanting these Sperry rain/snow boots:
but seeing as Christmas just passed and the snow is almost gone it looks like my Uggs are going to have to suffer just a little longer. Maybe I'll get them on sale for next season.

I also want a cute lace dress a la American Apparel (minus the see through):
and a birdcage necklace! I see them everywhere and I think they're so cute. As much as I love my owl jewelry the birdcages are a little more refined. Plus I'm tired of being mistake for a sorority girl on campus (lots of little Chi O's love to hoot at me haha). 

And lastly a cute little basket for my Schwinn! I have a little old fashioned one so I figure an old fashioned basket will look good with it. I may have to wait until Spring so I can actually fill it with flowers.

1 comment:

  1. Birdcages are so classy and the bike idea is so 1940's its adorable. love it.