Friday, January 28, 2011

A Sailor's Life for Me!

I really love everything Nautical looking for spring! Having grown up by the water and having a whole sailing family has of course instilled a love of all things 'sailor' in me. I found these great totes from Sea Bags that recycle old sails! The one I love the most is has an anchor (of course) on it. 
Unfortunately, they are just a wee bit out of the budget so I'm looking for a more affordable version. I really love the rope handles and canvas feel so thats what I'm looking for! It'd be perfect for a beach/pool tote and would look so cute with a pale pink swimsuit or coverup.

Another thing I have always loved are sailor bracelets! I used to have a ton, but I only have one left and its all gross and dingy. It smells pretty bad too from the salt water/sweat/chlorine combination that is summer. I was planning on buying a new one in a gift shop like I always do until I found some Lilly Pulitzer versions at Preppy Princess!

 I'm obsessed with the navy/pink one. I think it would go with everything and wouldn't get dirty so fast. It will definitely hopefully be one of the first things I buy for summer.

I also love this stationery. I'm always looking for new stationery and this one is perfect for the summer. However, I usually stick to my classic monogrammed stationery from Pink Paper because I have a fall birthday.

And how adorable is this leash for a little pup? Thank god Thor doesn't know how girly I make him look because I would love to get this for him. He would be so happy :)

Here's a picture of the pup. He's a little model.

And of course, the classic boat shoe! I love my Sperry's and its safe to say its one of my all time favorite brands. My feet stopped growing about two/three years ago so I usually splurge on shoes that I know will last a long time. I definitely want some more Sperry's though!
I already have a houndstooth/shearling lined pair, similar to this:
and I just got my rain boots in the mail:

I am absolutely obsessed with them and they are so warm/comfy! I spent all day jumping in the snow just because I finally can!

However, I want to get a new pair this spring, but I can't decide between this adorable navy pair:
I love them, but I'm worried it'd be bad to start getting 'different' pairs before I have a classic one. It would be like a cardigan before the shirt! But I'm in love with these shoes. Decisions decisions...

I also took the 'What shoe is your style' quiz on the Sperry fanpage on Facebook (I know I'm a nerd) and I got the metallic shoe:
After I got this I started looking at them and I really like the style (I guess their marketing worked)! However, again, there's the argument of getting the fun stuff before the basics. I feel like this would be my third choice and the real contest is between the navy and classic pair, but these are definitely shoes I would want in the future. 

And fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally,
the classic Sperry style. Although, if I got this pair I would try to find some with cute plaid on the accent.    I guess I'll just have to leave it up to fate!

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