Monday, January 17, 2011


Yes I am dorky enough that I call if crafternoon. My roommate frequently have afternoons where we just do projects we've been meaning to get done. My next one (after my vineyard vines imitation bag of course) is shoe clips! Curious as to what shoe clips are? Well first you take cut hair clips, or make them yourself, such as:
or these:

and glue them to alligator clips if they don't already come on a nice little barrette. After that clip them to a  pair or cute flats and you magically have a brand new pair of embellished flats for under $10! I thought my idea was so ingenious until my grandma sent me a couple of pairs from the 70s! I have a few pairs of cute little bows for my flats!

P.S. Lord Voldemort has a twitter? For a really evil guy he's pretty funny.

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  1. i feel like such a nerd for commenting on so many post! but A) I love "crafternoon" and B)this IS an ingenious idea!