Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A little crafting

So part of our big plans for redoing the bathroom is to rip out our shower doors and put in a shower curtain. I personally like the shower doors, but they are just too tough to clean. 

So the other day I headed to TJ Maxx and picked up an inexpensive shower curtain. I originally wanted to a V embroidered on it, but thought 'Why put a $15 initial on a $8 shower curtain?'. 

So I decided to paint one.

Step 1. 
Buy the shower curtain (duh).

Step 2. 
Find whatever you want to put on it. (I'll include a few at the bottom of this post). I printed a variety, like my initials, monogram, bees, birds, birds in cages, fleur di lis, flowers, anchors, etc. etc. because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. 

Step 3. 
Figure out your design/Call in your artsy friend (Lauren) to do it for you. We just kind of did it as we went, but Lauren measured and figured out how far apart to put the bees and how high up, etc. 

Step 4.
Using an Exact-o Knife (or scissors and a steady hand. Thats what Lauren did) cut out your design.

And tape it to your shower curtain using masking or painter's tape. 

Step 5. 
Then, using a paint brush or a sponge, dab the paint on. Its best to dab, especially if your picture has small details like mine did. 

And let it dry.

Step 6. 
Once the paint is dry-ish, carefully lift the stencil off and set it somewhere to dry. It needs time to dry a bit or the small details will start to rip off. 

You're done! Easy as Key Lime Pie. 

This shower curtain is for my upstairs bathroom so I didn't want to girl it up too much (because of dear old dad). So I kept it simple with the bees and a decorated V.

We also added some little bees around the V to tie the curtain together. 

It was so easy, I decided to do another!

I was at a loss for what to do for my bathroom at school. I was going to use an old shower curtain my dad bought in his 'I'm a bachelor and living alone and still line cool beer bottles on the window sill like a frat house' days. Trust me, it looked like a drunk frat guy bought it because it was ugly. It also didn't match my hot pink towels I got last year for graduation. I wasn't sure exactly what would match them so I just went with a creme curtain and did black bees. I was going to try something new, but I just love the bees so much! Lauren recently informed me they're the symbol of French royalty. Ohhhhh!

But anyway, here is my apartment's bathroom curtain.

Matt was my model. He helped hang it to dry. 

I used the same V so I could interchange them while at home. No bees though. 

The little bees just weren't by the V, but they were there! Lauren and I made four corner bees and lots of little bees buzzing around. You can click on the picture with Matt for a closer look!

Well everyone, thanks for stopping in! If anyone is curious, I will be putting up 'after' pictures of my room soon! Suzie is coming over tomorrow to help with the finishing touches so hopefully they will be up as soon as I clean it!

Happy blogging! :)

Here are the stencils I promised. You should be able to click on them so the original size pops up in a new window. If y'all want something different you can always google 'whatever you want' silhouette. I recommend fleur di lis, shells or flowers!

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  1. This is such a cute idea!! I will for sure keep this in mind when I begin decorating my bathroom!!

    I always wanted a monogrammed shower curtain, but for some reason I only found the $50 ones (and that price is a little too steep for me).