Friday, June 24, 2011

Home Redecorating!

Hello to all my lovely followers (I have 20 now! Exciting!)! I'm so sorry I have been such a bad blogger these past few weeks. I just finished my three week intensive course and started my summer Calculus class a few weeks ago and it has kept me wayyyy busier than I thought it would! Let me tell y'all, Calculus is not my thing. 

Anyyyyy way, 
my reason for posting today is not only to share some small updates, but to show everyone some before pictures!
My dad and I decided to repaint our house. Our house is about 80 years old so of course it has had some previous owners who did all their own stuff to it! All the walls are a neutral taupe, which is fine, but when you have as little decorations as we do, it looks pretty boring. They've also put a ton of hooks and holes in the wall. And I mean a TON. In some places they have five or six hooks within one foot of each other. I mean seriously, how many things can you hang????
So at first we were just going to paint our living room and dining room, but that turned into painting the foyer, which turned into the bathroom, which turned into my room.

Well my room and the bathroom had wallpaper. And if anyone has ever ripped down wall paper they know it is no fun! I can't tell y'all how many times I cursed the former owners. So with all that work we decided to focus on my room and the bathroom this summer. I'll leave what colors we chose as a surprise for the 'after' pictures!

Here is my room before!

Ignore the messiness please! I was busy moving things around the repaint. This was the wallpaper that Matt, my friends Lauren, Evan and I gladly ripped off. 

It was just kind of old ladyish, some of it was falling off and the room just needed a redo!

The part of the wall not painted (two walls were fully papered, two half) were a dull gray brown and just made the walls look dirty. 

Does anyone ever notice that homes don't look as nice as you thought they did once you photograph them???

So we stripped it. 

(You can see my birdie Spice in the corner)

We stripped it all. 

We put the first coat up last night and it looks great! I can't wait to show y'all!

On a side note we got a new addition to our family!

Her name is Kevin (like from Up!) and she was given to me by Matt's friend Kevin (I know, I know). She's not quite used to us, but I think she's so cute. Hopefully she calms down and gets a little more friendly. 

And crazily enough, I'm also moving into my first apartment in August for college. I'll probably only stay there a year because junior year I'm going to try and be an RA and if not, I'll probably move back into the dorms anyway. 

But anyyyy wayy, since I'll only be there a year, I'm decorating it in the same theme as my room. Except when I say decorating, I really mean making my bed the comfiest thing ever. My dad says I won't ever get out of it and go to class! Pshhh Maybe.

I thought I'd show some of my 'decorating folder'!

My main focus is on my bed. The bed in the apartment is a full and my dad is handing me down his full bed so he can get a king. I wanted my bed to be able to go into my apartment and then into my room and match both. So I picked an all white bedding with lots of down. So far I've only bought the down insert and featherbed, but I have my duvet cover and curtains picked out so I'll have to blog about them when I make my purchase!

Even though I'm not worrying too much about decorations I still have a few things I'm really wanting to do!

For example, my boyfriend first gave me flowers on Valentine's day and I pressed and would like to frame them and put them above my bed! 
I've also come up with a few other things which I'm hoping to craft over the summer...

We'll see how they turn out!

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  1. I'm in the midst of redecorating my room as well, only I have yet to strip my ugly floral wallpaper! I love your white bedspread ideas, I was thinking of white for my bed as well.