Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pinterest in Real Life!

So I thought I would finally share some pictures of my room my sophomore year of college! This year I'm living with three of my friends in an off campus apartment. Its definitely a big change from the dorm and there are some definite pros and cons. 

Here are some pictures of my bathroom. Notice the shower curtain I made a while back and posted!

Then I have a hallway down to my room where I have a long wall of pictures frames (still in progress) and a vanity where I put my perfume and make up brushes.

And this is my actual room and bed/desk area!

So this brings me to the whole reason of my post! I thought I would share some things one of my roommates and I have actually crafted that we got off Pinterest to see real life adaptations!

First off is the same picture from above:

with my monogram canvases!

They were based off this picture:

(which I have posted before)

It was a very easy, but time consuming, project!

I also made this:

which can be seen in the above picture, by my bed, that was based on this picture:

Mine didn't turn out as well. I recommend using a single colored lampshade like in the picture. 

Now below are some things my roommate, a fellow Pinterest junkie, made using inspiration from Pinterest!

This is a cake tray my roommate made using two different sized plates and a candle stick holder, based on this picture:

(I think her's turned out cuter) She said it was super easy!

This is a jewelry board she made using an old picture frame and corkboard!

From this picture:

Well thats all for now, but I will hopefully be sharing more crafts and pictures of the apartment soon!

Happy blogging :)


  1. such creative ideas! It looks fabulous. One of my super crafty roomies did a lot with lilly fabric for her room! I did a post about a month ago with it if you want anymore ideas!